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S. HARDAN – a Journey Through Art / Shay Hardan

With his personal, one-of-a-kind touch, Shay Hardan's artwork dances between its elements and its spectators. More than his training and experience, Hardan's work is mostly affected by his true love for creation and is filled with humor, liveliness, and color - while maintaining an in-depth perspective that will stun you into amazing journeys each time anew.

S. HARDAN – a Journey Through Art

About Shay Hardan and His Love for Creation

Being born in London and having mastered the arts of drawing and painting at Duson college, Montreal, S. Hardan's very first exhibition at the Chemrinski gallery in Tel Aviv had tested the limits of Surrealism - with captivating artworks that made his audience think of Miro, Dali, and Andrea Mason.

For his second exhibition, S. Hardan collaborated with the Mabat gallery in Tel Aviv. This exhibition received praises from art critics as Hardan's exceptional talent truly amazed them.

Adam Baruch/ YEDIOT AHRONOT(translation) "Hardan presents a very graceful style of painting that is carefully executed and stands correctly and whose decorative elaborations are capable of eliciting a feeling of a “thin” sensitivity" Zvi Sas/LE JOURNAL D’ISRAEL(translation) "In all of his work sensuality always impinges itself on the intellect. Sensuality and sensitivity are the dominant qualities of his palette, which attempts to purify the data of the external world. When he makes detour into form, it is always presented with great subtlety." Gil Goldfine /THE JERUSALEN POST MAGAZINE " He has wisely included previous canvases that indicate his movement from a Miro-Klee persuasion to his current liberated lyrical markings."

 Shortly after his second exhibition, Hardan was admitted to the New York school of visual arts' animation faculty.

A Unique Process and Methods for Creating a Unique Experience

While some of Shay Hardan's work combines animation and soundtracks, others use mirrors and special painting methods to create a special experience for the observer. Hardan's manipulation of three-dimensional art shows his background in architecture and the wide range of his talents.

Sensuality and Intellect

Shay is creating art that will touch all those who gaze upon it and it is his special ability to impinge sensuality on intellect. In an attempt to purify his world into art - a single piece at a time - Shay makes an in-depth use of emotions, sensuality, and sensitivity of an exclusive wavelength.

As Seen Through an Exceptional Window

Beholding S. Hardan's entire spectrum of artwork will present you with a chance for true and beautiful journeys along the borders of art, creation, and inspiration. S. Hardan's artistic style is as imaginative and visionary as it is distinct and characterized – constantly inspiring. Be his art pieces bigger or smaller, more colorful or less so, combined with multimedia or not, new exhibitions always come with a familiar aroma, but never fail to astound those who gaze upon its artifacts.

Art with a Rhythm

Inspired by the great composer John Cage, who said that the random noises between his sounds are an essential part of his music - and therefore it can never be played the same twice, Shay's artwork will integrate you into itself and provide you with a different experience every time you gaze upon it. Shay's love for classical music is visibly influential and the dissonance between calmness and power can be found in many of his modern works – so that true passion can forge art that is light and fun while still being dominant and full of marvel.

See the World Through My Eyes

This is your chance to get to know the artworks presented in this gallery, choose that which takes you away and allow Shay to build a window from your world - into mine.